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Les utilisateurs d’AthleteMonitoring partagent leurs expérience

Merci à AthleteMonitoring, pour leur accompagnement tout au long de la saison. La plateforme nous a permis de faire un suivi quotidien de tous les joueurs (RPE, performance, bien être,…) de notre filière de formation elite au joueurs professionnels. Un logiciel complet et modulable à 100%, une équipe technique à notre écoute et d’une réactivité rare. Merci pour votre soutien et merci d’avoir contribué en partie à la montée  du CA Brive Corrèze en Top 14!

Romain Dubois

Préparateur physique CA Brive Corrèze

Très utile. Je n’aurais jamais pensé comment un tel outil me ferait gagner autant de temps! Il rend mon travail tellement plus facile!

Hüvös Viktor

Olympic coach, Hungarian Canoe Kayak Association

En tant qu’entraîneur de tennis professionnel, je trouve ce système extrêmement utile. Il est très facile à utiliser par les joueurs et nous aide à planifier et ajuster le calendrier et à charger de manière proactive en fonction des résultats du tournoi et des anticipations de déplacement et de fatigue. Avec cette application, nous pouvons détecter rapidement les problèmes liés à la charge et à la fatigue et prendre des mesures immédiates pour réduire le risque de risque de blessure, de maladie, de sous-performance ou d’épuisement mental. C’est un excellent outil Julian Romero

Coco Vandeweghe’s Performance coach and Physical Therapy, Top 20 WTA Player

L’application est très simple à utiliser par nos athlètes et nos coaches. Elle nous a aidé à gagner notre 3e championnat national consécutif

Peter Baggetta

Entraîneur-chef, Gonzaga College High School, Washington DC

This season we only had one soft tissue injury. I’ve been with the Lions for 6 seasons and that is by far our best result. The Mitre 10 competition is brutal with the tight schedule meaning numerous short turnarounds. AthleteMonitoring provided us with a quick centralised system that we used heavily when prescribing training/recovery at both the team and individual level.

Dave Wildash

Responsable de la préparation physique, Wellington Lions

Using the AthleteMonitoring.com app has made communication with our coaches and athletes much easier. Our F1 drivers spend a lot of time on the road with their Performance Coaches, and it enables me, their Coaching Director, to see what they are doing on a day-to-day basis, and support them in the necessary ways. The great thing about the athlete monitoring platform is that it is so versatile and can be adapted to measure, record, and capture so many different parameters that impact our training and performance athletes.

Pete McKnight

Directeur de la performance, Hintsa Performance

I could not be happier with what we have achieved this season with regards to the time efficient collection, automated analysis and storage of data with AthleteMonitoring.com. Our injury stats have been outstanding and I am sure that you have played a part in us achieving that. Thanks.

Andrew Clark

Head of Sport Science/Football Conditioning, Sydney FC - 2017 Hyundai A-League Champions

AthleteMontoring has allowed us to improve our athlete monitoring through the introduction of a daily, online athlete wellness questionnaire. We objectively track day-day performance changes across a range of physical readiness tests and also track training loads at an individual level. Francois and his team are readily available to provide assistance and are extremely proactive in discussing and implementing future additions and adjustments to the monitoring system so it continues to provide a simple, time efficient method of monitoring a professional sports team.

David Gray

Responsable de la préparation physique, Hurricanes - 2016 Super Rugby Champions

There is no other product on the market that allows us to collect, track and analyze a virtually infinite amount of user-defined variables in a simple to use application. This improves our ability to digest player data quickly and allows us to paint a more robust picture of player fatigue. I would highly recommend this application to anyone looking for a novel, cost-effective solution to track and quantify player fatigue.

Johan Wang

Directeur Associé - Medecine du sport, Texas Christian University (TCU)

Having available athletes is a key focus in our mission statement for the 35th Americas Cup. The Athlete Monitoring app has enabled us to efficiently record and analyse how our athletes feel on a day to day basis and how they react to training load. Our athletes find it easy to use and we find it easy to access athlete readiness. I have used other apps and Excel versions before but Francois and his team have created a cost efficient user friendly version that is the best I have used to date. They are always on hand to discuss data analysis and are open to change allowing coaches to recommend changes that would benefit their personal requirements & needs. This approach to helping coaches tailor their data collection is a breath of fresh air and has made our decision to use Athlete Monitoring beyond worthwhile

Ben Williams

Directeur de la préparation physique, LandRover BAR, UK - Demi-finaliste de la 35e Coupe de l'America

AthleteMonitoring.com has changed the way I communicate with my athletes and adjust their training loads. After years trying other systems and using spreadsheets, now I save hours per week to do more useful things, and at the same time have access to more valuable information. The scientific background, customization possibility, easy use, alerts, quick support and visual interface are features hard to be beaten.

Nelio Moura

Entraîneur national, M&M Atletismo

I was very pleased with AthleteMonitoring.com. I felt that as a coach it gave me unique insight into not only players injuries, illness and training and match load but gave us unique insight into other areas of their psychology that usually we don’t know. I feel like it is a wonderful tool for coaches.

Stefani Webb

Entraîneur-chef, équipe de football féminin, University of Texas - Tyler

With Athletemonitoring we now have a tool to professionalize the management of training and recovery. To be able to have, before every training session, so many details about our players readiness takes us to a new level, and help us implementing more effective training and health maintenance strategies for our professional handball players.

Christopher Nordmeyer

Entraîneur-chef, TSV Hannover-Burgdorf DKB-Handball-Bundesliga

AthleteMonitoring.com is the perfect tool to make our athletes accountable towards training, recovery and performance.

Xavier Roy

Préparateur physique, Université de Sherbrooke

I believe AthleteMonitoring.com technologies and applications have the potential to revolutionize individual player, coach and team education, training and long term development. Because in today’s competitive hyper soccer environment injury prevention, monitoring and controlling training load, among other benefits, can substantially accelerate development and optimize training and preparation. For our FutbolAcademia athletes I also find AM immediately focuses and directs their attention every day on all the right things. Well done and continued success in evolving AM in the progression of athlete training and development.

Benoit Vendeville

Préparateur physique, swissSki, Centre National de Performance Ouest Brigue

Athlete Monitoring is an amazing tool that has allowed us to better prepare our athletes. The user friendly app and powerful analytics are time efficient and easy to interpret. Highly recommended!

Chris Rozdilsky M.S. CSCS

Physiologiste de l'exercice, Premiere Performance, Montreal - Canada

AthleteMonitoring.com is a huge step forward in the individualization of the training process. Highly recommended.

Dr. Rainer Knöller

Entraîneur Olympique - Team Olympia Germany, Olympic Training Center

AthleteMonitoring is an excellent tool to monitoring daily training. Each athlete can report training RPE and feedback easily on his phone or laptop and we can easily control the evolution of their training/wellness and anticipate any possible issues.

Benoit Vendeville

Préparateur physique, Préparateur physique, swissSki - Centre National de Performance Ouest Brigue

Super utile! Ce système rend mon travail beaucoup plus facile.

Guillaume Ravé

Préparateur physique, Stade Lavallois Mayenne FC, France

AthleteMonitoring is very user-friendly and particularly suited for data collection in sports medicine and sports science research projects. Technical support is excellent and I strongly recommend anyone to work with this company!

Justin Carrard

Université de Lausanne, Switzerland

Cela fait 10 ans que je suis préparateur physique & rehab au haut niveau tant sur une équipe professionnelle TOP 14 ( champion de France 2009) que le centre de formation élite au club de l’union sportive des arlequins de Perpignan (USAP) et c’est outil est devenu d’une aide précieuse. En effet, il est primordial d’avoir un retour sur les ressentis pour optimiser la relation avec mes athlètes. Grâce à AthleteMonitoring, nous y parvenons facilement via le formulaire santé et le feed-back des programmations. L’outil est tellement simple d’utilisation, qu’entrer les informations devient un réflexe, un automatisme, pour les joueurs. Sûrement une nouvelle ère concernant la préparation physique.

Olivier Barbier

Préparateur physique, USAP Rugby