The Olympic Committee consensus statement on load in sport and risk of illness recommends practitioners to use wellness data to guide daily load adjustments.

The flowchart below illustrates the seamless integration of wellness and workload metrics into the load management decision-making process. This model can be applied  with both session-RPE or measures of external load (GPS, etc.).

While additional indicators (eg: heart rate measures, GPS, testing data) can be added to further refine the analysis, this simple and practical model can be used as a general guideline by any practitioner, to implement a best practice, evidence-based  injury prevention and workload management program.
A simple, practical, daily workload management workflow

Note: Note: while thresholds and indicators presented in this article are published in the scientific literature, they should be used as guideline and not as ‘magic’ numbers. Recommendations provided should also be seen as general guidelines and must be adapted to your specific context.

  To learn more  about the metrics, thresholds and the terminologies used in the flowchart, please  read this article.