Here are the new features and latest enhancements that we’ve added to the system in May. Most are in direct response to user feedback and are designed to help you work better, faster and build winning athletes.

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Better Testing & Assessments

Functional Muscle Testing Battery

Easily calculate H:Q ratios, manage squeeze tests, identify muscle imbalance and monitor recovery with the new functional muscle testing battery.

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Advanced Mathematical Functions

You can use advanced mathematical functions such as log, abs, round, etc to calculate test results.

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Simplified Data Exchange

An athlete ID column has been added on test result export to simplify data exchange with other software.

Better Training Monitoring

Ability to Monitor Technical Exercises

Define technical exercises in the exercise library and allow your athletes to record the number of planned and executed elements, planned and perceived difficulty, rate each set and add notes

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Enhanced Team Graphs

Numerical values are displayed on team/group wellness and training graphs for faster and easier interpretation of data

Better Injury Management

SOAP Notes for Health Practitioners
Therapists can now record notes in SOAP format associate tasks with each incident.

Mobile App Upgrades

Athletes can now delete sessions on their app by opening the session and tapping the [Delete] link.

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Welcome to our Latest  Clients

We work hard every day to make better and it is very encouraging to see that since it’s humble beginning in May 2015, it now helps coaches, teams and athletes performing at their best in 28 countries and 48 sports.

Welcome to our latest clients. Thank you for your trust and confidence!

Vlaamse Kano & Kajak Federatie, Belgium

Olympique de Marseille Féminines, France

Mosman Physio, Australia

Coastal Outreach Soccer, United States

Athlete Nation, New Zealand

Samoa Institute of Sport, Samoa

Stellenbosch University, South Africa

Bedford School, United Kingdom

St Columba Anglican School, Australia

Kentucky Air National Guard, United States

Drammen Sportsklinikk AS, Norway

SO Millau JUDO, France

Stingrays Swimming, United States

Holland Football University, The Netherland

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